2018 LxFF Recap

2018 MSU Latinx Film Festival Report





By all measures, the inaugural edition of the MSU Latinx Film Festival (LxFF) was a smashing success.


Turnout exceeded expectations, with several of the film screenings at or over capacity. Attendees included a mix of MSU students, faculty and staff, community members from the greater Lansing area, as well as denizens of Grand Rapids, Saginaw and Mt. Pleasant. It was common for people to attend multiple screenings on different days and to combine a screening with one of the special events. People enjoyed the festival atmosphere, the opportunity to meet the invited filmmakers, and the post-screening panels and director Q&As that provided attendees with the chance to engage in dialogue about the films and the issues they raised. The enthusiasm for a festival with an exclusive focus on Latinx cinema was palpable and welcomed as a breath of fresh air by the regional Latinx community. The energy around LxFF was a mixture of excitement, celebration and a genuine interest in the festival films and special events.

The selection of films proved appealing in terms of national, cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as genre. While the majority of the films were serious dramas, the lineup also included two documentaries – one of which focused on music – a thriller, and a satire. The festival featured films from seven different countries in three languages, as well as a short film produced especially for LxFF by several members of the LxFF organizing committee. Likewise, the choice of venues was a success, offering a variety of strategic locations that attracted different audiences and spread the festival to various settings across campus and the city, raising the visibility of the festival and making it more inclusive and accessible than it might have been if it had been held entirely on campus or in only one or two locations.





In terms of community impact, the festival built bridges between MSU and the greater Lansing area by establishing strong ties with community partners such as The Robin Theatre, Casa de Rosado, the East Lansing Film Festival and Studio C! The collaborative spirit driving the festival translated well to these off-campus experiments and the community organizations we approached received the festival with open arms. LxFF also benefitted from collaborating with the MSU Film Collective, MSU Libraries and the MSU Residential College in the Arts & Humanities.






A variety of faculty and community members were invited to participate in the interactive post-screening panel discussions, which attracted individuals from different campus units, in addition to members of the local Latinx community. The festival created a space for dynamic public debate that took place beyond the classroom and lecture halls and encouraged intellectual exchanges between people that might not otherwise interact. Along those lines and as a sign of the future collaborative potential for the festival, LxFF was invited to host an encore screening of As I Walk Through the Valleyas part of the Latin IS America Festival organized by the MSU College of Music in April 2018.







Finally, LxFF received extensive media coverage through a cover story in City Pulse, a feature in the Lansing State Journal, articles published by both the MSU College of Arts & Letters and the MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences’ DocLab, as well as two episodes of the MSU Collaborative Edges podcast.










4 Days

7 Venues

7 Feature Films

1 Short Film

3 Languages

3 Invited Directors

642 Attendees

6 Organizing Committee Members

17 MSU Sponsors

5 Community Partners

6 Volunteers

21 Post-Screening Panelists/Director Q&A Moderators








$12,300 Total Funds Raised + $1,250 Fee Reduction Grant


$4,000 MSU Office of Inclusion & Intercultural Initiatives

                  (Creating Inclusive Excellence Grant)

         $2,000 MSU Romance & Classical Studies (Seed Funding)

         $6,300 MSU Co-Sponsors (15 units)

         $1,250 Pragda Grant (Performance Rights Fee Reduction)













Film Screenings & Special Events        Venue                  Attendees





The Second Mother(Brazil)                    MSU Library               35

Sealed Cargo(Bolivia)                            Wells Hall                   76





NN(Peru)                                               RCAH Theater            56

Opening Reception                               Lookout! Gallery         60

Bad Hair(Venezuela)                            RCAH Theater            116





Tempest(Mexico)                                   The Robin Theatre      70

Meet & Greet                                         Casa de Rosado          45

As I Walk Through the Valley(U.S.)      The Robin Theatre      64





The Cliff(Spain)                                    Studio C!                     90

Closing Reception                                 Studio C!                     30














Scott Boehm – LxFF Director, Assistant Professor of Spanish &

Global Studies (Romance & Classical Studies)

José Adrián Badillo-Carlos, Ph.D. Candidate in Hispanic Cultural

Studies (Romance & Classical Studies)

Claudia Berrios-Campos, Ph.D. Candidate in Hispanic Cultural

Studies (Romance & Classical Studies)

Miguel Cabañas, Associate Professor of Spanish (Romance &

Classical Studies)

Judit Fuente Cuesta, Ph.D. Candidate in Hispanic Cultural Studies

(Romance & Classical Studies)

Osvaldo Sandoval, Ph.D. Candidate in Hispanic Cultural Studies

(Romance & Classical Studies)




2018 LxFF MSU Sponsors


Department of Romance & Classical Studies

Office for Inclusion & Intercultural Initiatives

College of Arts & Letters

College of Communication Arts & Sciences

Global Studies in the Arts & Humanities Program

Film Studies Program

Chicano/Latino Studies Program

Citizens Scholars Program

Council of Graduate Students

Residential College in the Arts & Humanities

James Madison College

MSU Libraries

Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Center for Gender in Global Context

History Department

Julian Samora Research Institute

Peace & Justice Studies





2018 LxFF Community Partners


The Robin Theatre

Casa de Rosado

Studio C!

East Lansing Film Festival

Lansing Public Media Center


2018 LxFF Volunteers


Andrew Bentley

John Brown

Virdiana García-Hernández

Mary Ann Lugo

Julio César Paredes

Connie Rojas







2018 LxFF Post-Screening Panelists/Director Q&A Moderators


Peter Beattie (History)

Claudia Berrios-Campos (Romance & Classical Studies)

Scott Boehm (Romance & Classical Studies)

Miguel Cabañas (Romance & Classical Studies)

Elizabeth Drexler (Anthropology)

Yomaira Figueroa (English)

Joseba Gabilondo (Romance & Classical Studies)

Stephen Gasteyer (Sociology)

Saulo Gouveia (Romance & Classical Studies)

Erin Graham (History)


Tama Hamilton-Wray (Residential College in the Arts &


Alexandra Hidalgo (Writing, Rhetoric & American Culture)

Laurie Medina (Anthropology)

Danny Méndez (Romance & Classical Studies)

Rael Mora (Wayka.pe)

Rocío Quispe-Agnoli (Romance & Classical Studies)

Osvaldo Sandoval (Romance & Classical Studies)

María Serrato (Capital Area Latina Youth)

Leonora Souza Paula (Residential College in the Arts &


John Valadez (Media & Information)

Jeff Wray (English)







2018 LxFF Invited Directors


Helena Taberna, The Cliff(Spain)

Charlie Vela & Ronnie Garza, As I Walk Through the Valley(U.S.)