Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020        2:30 – 3:00P.M.     &      6:00-7:30P.M.
Multiple stations continuously running during screening times
MSU Library Digital Scholarship Lab – Virtual Reality Room

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 Genre: Virtual Reality, Interactive Journalism


Nonny De La Peña /USA/2013/ 4 min


Use of Force tells the story of the homicide of Anastacio Hernandez Rojas who was beaten and tasered by more than a dozen border patrol agents. Anastacio had been brought to the US when he was a teenager and had never been in trouble with the law until Mother’s Day during the recession when he had been out of work for quite a while. In desperation, he tried to steal a bottle of tequila and a steak for his wife. He was caught and deported. Officers claimed he acted aggressively when he was caught trying to sneak back into the country and that they were justified in using brutal force to subdue him. However, two witness captured footage and audio on their mobile phones, which told a very different set of events. Our piece tells his story—and really the story of many others who can’t speak for themselves.

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One of the of the most influential pioneers in developing virtual reality as a modern means of expression, Nonny was named “The Godmother of Virtual Reality” by The Guardian and Engadget, while Fast Company acknowledged her as one of the people who made the world more creative for her ground-breaking work in immersive journalism.

There will be a New Media Panel from 2:00 -2:30 pm at the MSU Library Digital Scholarship Lab with Judith Walgren (School of Journalism), Terence O’Neill (MSU Library Digital Scholarship Lab) and Leobardo Vallejo (MSU Political Science Major).